With VILPE® pass-through sets the ventilation pipes and roof fans are passed through the roof, minimizing noise, smell and moisture problems. Installing the watertight VILPE® pass-through set on any roofing material is easy and quick.

The pass-through sets and other VILPE® products have been designed with the DIY principle in mind. One person can perform all the installation stages by following the installation instructions. The sets include all the parts required for installation, and no special tools are required. Thus, VILPE® is a perfect comprehensive solution.

The VILPE® product family includes pass-throughs for all common roofing materials, profiles and roof slopes. Some pass-throughs are designed for specific individual roofing materials and some are universal solutions suitable for variety of different materials. The range also includes pass-through solutions that meet the demands of chimneys, antennas and solar collector pipes and wires.