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XPS Boards - Roof Insulation Boards

The TECHNONICOL extrusion-type polystyrene is a slab heat insulating material with uniformly distributed closed cells.

It has a number of very important properties, such as low thermal conductivity and no water adsorption, which allows for using the material on ballasted roofs. High durability makes it possible to use the material on heavily loaded roofs, e.g. terrace roof or platform roof for motor vehicle passage. The application of extrusion-type polystyrene considerably increases the operating period of the entire insulation system, be it for roof or foundation structures.

Extrusion-type polystyrene is produced by extrusion (material is forced through conical holes at a certain temperature). It has homogenous structure with a cell diameter of up to 0.2 mm. The material is produced from polystyrene granules mixed with a foaming agent under pressure and at a high temperature. This material is easy-to-use, and it can be easily installed without using any expensive complicated equipment.

Areas of application:

It is intended to be used as heat insulation for all enclosures, i.e. roofs, foundations, floors, cellars, and even the bottom part of the façade.


High density.
Low density in high application properties.
Low thermal conductivity provides a means of reducing thickness.
Constant quality control in the factory is carried out on modern lines.
Contains no flammable or illegal expanding agents.
No water absorption.
A uniform material structure. System solutions with a full certification dossier.
L shaped edge interlocks, resulting faster and easier installation as well stopping the occurrence of thermal bridging.
No mould or algae growth.
Operational lifespan greater than 50.

TechnoNicol Carbon Prof 300 measurements:
Pallet contains: 6packs in a pallet 80mm = 20.52m2, 100mm=16.42m2
Thickness - 80mm, 5 boards per pack; Thickness - 100mm, 4 boards per pack

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